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Fraud Counterfeit Investigation

Services Offered in Investigation

  • Address Verification
  • Criminal Verification (Police)
  • Criminal Database Check
  • Drug Test
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Verification
  • Social Media Scan
  • Due diligence verification

Counterfeit/ Fraud Investigation:

Counterfeit/ Fraud on consumer related products/ building materials etc is reportedly perpetuated in sub-urban or tehsil or village level markets. This happens when there are tacit relations/ nexus developed among dealers, sub-dealers, retailers and local influential people. Resultant brand is being counterfeited & causing financial loss to the organization and also compromises consumer goods.
To address this issue systematically, we first identify/ unearth such vulnerable areas through our uncover agent/ sting ops, gathered sufficient evidences, help to lodge police complain FIR & carry out police action. Also provide legal support for stringent action under CrPC/ IPC.