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Detective Agency Service

Detective Service

Gautam Detective have people mainly from services background. Others who have been investigators for many years, with the diversity and experience that brings in knowledge and ability to crack the case assigned to us . They all have their individual skills, and bring a broad range of knowledge to the agency, which in turn benefits its clients from using an established detective agency. During the course of an investigation, a private detective will need to think on their feet/out of the box and will often come up against a wide range of circumstances that they need to react quickly upon. We are also renowned for our traditional detective agency services, and therefore, should you be a corporate/private client, we will be able to offer you a wide range of services, therefore a good place to turn to, to help resolve a variety of personal issues, whether it be relationship investigations or missing person investigations. At Gautam Detective, we have all the technology and skills to give you every chance of reaching a positive solution.


Scientists use three types of investigations to research and develop explanations for events in the nature: descriptive investigation, comparative investigation, and experimental investigation. This investigative process is typical of what we do when you look for information. Not all the techniques will be right for every investigation. Some of the questions may be of an investigative nature and some to elicit behavioral responses. Evidence collected during the covert investigation should be reviewed with the appropriate department/person entrusting the case, if the situation involves an employee/individual. Entrapment can serve as a legal defense in a court of law, and, therefore, should be avoided if prosecution is a goal. If a criminal act has occurred, chain of custody regarding the captured images is an important consideration.

Matrimonial Investigation

Due to several people shifting to online matrimonial sites to find their suitable partners, the cases of matrimonial frauds have been on a steady rise. In matrimonial frauds, the fraudster often poses as a potential match and tries to defraud the client by enticing them into a relationship and getting their hands on their money.

Apart from these matrimonial scams, several cases where a partner has hidden crucial information like criminal records, enormous debts, underlying physical and mental disorders, etc from their partner; while these aren’t necessarily criminal, they affect the relationship in the long run and harm both the perpetrator and their partner in the future.

A pre-matrimonial investigation thus becomes a necessity in hostile times like these. At Gautam Detectives Detectives With the finesse in our approach and the parameters which we cover i.e. marital status, character, vices, psychological disorders, grey past, criminal check, sibling composition, nature of parents, ownership of property and income, it is a complete package giving an overall review of a family in question.